Monday, 25 February 2013

Oscar Style Tips

Oscars is one of the biggest nights in not only Hollywood film history but also in the fashion industry. All eyes were on who would get to take the little gold men home and who is wearing what. Since I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, let's save the judgement for the fashion and TV critiques. Instead, let's look at the four style tips the ladies on the red carpet has taught us that can be applied to our next fancy soiree.


1. Sport a Bright Hue

Stand out from the ccrowd and show your personality with a bright-coloured frock. Kerry Washington does it well here in a coral gown and Reese Witherspoon hits it out of the ballpark with the gorgeous electric blue.

Even the man of the hour is doing it right.

2. Backwards Necklace

A touch of elegance and style. Don't over-do it with a large piece of jewelry . Instead do it right with a delicat, shimmery chain necklace so you can add some effortless glamour of your number. This would also go really well with a dress with a low-cut or v-cut back.

3. Razzle Bedazzle!

If you feel more comfortable in neutral and basic hues, then so be it. Add a little magic to your gown with some glitz and glamer. The dresses themselves will act as the statement piece. No jewelry or blings necessary.

4. "Cutting" Edge

There is a lot of unconventional crops and cut-outs happening on the runway this season. Naomi Watts wows with this stellar cut-out of a dress. The assymmetry cut-out shows off her body beautifully, but with class, and gives the gown an edgy feel. Everyone loves an element of surprise and all eyes will be on you when you walk across the red carpet (or sidewalk).

And a fun one...

4. Dior Never Fails

[All photos by Getty Images]

With these style tips, we can all look like a million bucks while heading out to our commoner's version of a glam-worthy event. Good luck fellow fashionistas.

Fashionably Yours,

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Date Night [Hi Low Blouse]

I am looking through my blog posts and it makes me sad that this is only the first time I've posted this month and February is almost over. Hopefully I'll make it up in March! This was an outfit I wore to a belated Valentine's Day date to one of my favorite restaurants, Alpha. They have the best cocktails and some amazing izakaya dishes around town. Their TORO PORK and MENTAIKO UDON are my must-eats. If you haven't been there, you need to try it out.
Here I am wearing a fuschia hi-low blouse from Mink Pink that I got from J2. I absolutely love the hi-low cut, especially in dresses and skirts, giving them an added glamorous flair. I wasn't in the mood for dressing up super girlie, so I went for a faux leather jacket and black ankle boots to make it look more edgy. If you take a look at the runway photos for the up-and-coming 2013 styles, you would notice that there are lots of eccentric cuts and crops to your average wear. When a piece contains such exquisite and surprising details, it really captures you and gives you a jolt of excitement.
With that said, it's not always about staying in trend, but more so about wearing what represents you. It's hard not to care about what other people think about your clothes or YOU for that matter, but none of that matters more than just being you. Sometimes we don't even know who we are supposed to be and it takes lots of work and reflection to figure it out. That's why we experiment - preppy, sexy, rocker chic, bohemian, posh, etc - this is a way for us to try it out to see if we fit into that category. And that's why when you ask someone to describe their style, it always goes something like "well I'm ____ with a bit of ____ and a dash of ___". We are more than just a category.
Thanks for listening =)
//Fuschia hi-low blouse. Mink Pink//
//Faux leather jacket. Supremebeng//
//Black mini-skirt with studs. Tokyo Fashion//
//Black suede ankle boots. Vintage Chanel//