Who am I?
I am a stylista, a happiness advocate, a health enthusiast, a lover of the arts and a people connector. I get excited easily and I live to be inspired. If I could be a colour, I would be fuschia. It's bold and affectionate, and it exudes warmth and contagious energy.

What do I do?
I work in the non-profit industry, specializing in event planning and fundraising.

Love for Style
Style extends beyond the exterior and is an expression of our individuality and creativity. My style icons are real women with class and refined beauty and/or individuals who are not afraid to show off their unique, quirky styles that are often beyond the acceptance of the public eye. I am a huge fan of refreshing colour combos, mix and match, the big R (restyling!) and quick-n-easy DIYs.

More Than Style
Here you will find more than what meets the eye. There will be lots of fashion and DIY action, as well as shopping tips,  wellness, and other much needed daily wisdom.

Why a Style Blog?
I've been wearing dresses and heels since I was one (my mom' shiny 3-inch pumps - who hasn't right?). My wardrobe has been my sanctuary. My intention is to empower and inspire others and myself to find the perfect blend of self-expression and classic style.

Thanks for visiting and see you very soon!

P.S. Sharing is caring. Things are simply more enjoyable when they are shared. Therefore, I'd be happy to hear from you! Drop me a message/comment anytime.

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  1. Fun photos! The murals in Venice are really cool, right? xo