Sunday, 30 December 2012

Casual Leather

Hello Lovelies =) 

I've been travelling lots within Taiwan in the last two weeks - mostly shopping and eating a lot. Can't wait to show off share with you all the goodies I've accumulated! On another note, I've been (re)discovering the joys of bargaining...even when it's only a few CDN dollars makes you feel so much more satisfied and rewarded! Maybe that's just how the psychology of consumerism works, but hey I ain't complaining about getting a good deal. 

On another note, we've been doing lots of sightseeing. We have witnessed 1 sunrise (at Alishan) and 5 sunsets so far at various locations. I'll share these photos later when I get home to Vancouver, but in the meantime I've been posting in real-time on Instagram.

This set of photos were taken from the first half of my trip. I've wanted a faux-leather jacket for a LONG TIME, but finally set my eyes on these during the Cyber Monday Sale. Since we've been running around literally, I've been dressing pretty casually and mainly for comfort. This jacket is awesome for dressing up any type of outfit....skirt, skinnies, t-shirt, you name it. If you saw my FB update a couple days ago, you would know that I have publicly announced my obsession with leggings and am on a "break" with normal pants. 

Faux-leather Jacket. ADFM Store
Plaid Shirt. Vera Moda.
Black opaque leggings. Zara

The plum blossoms at Yangmingshan National Park. It usually doesn't bloom until January! Yes lucky us.

One of the many sunsets, but equally as beautiful. This was at Yangmingshan. 

I hope you've all enjoyed your Christmas and I'm sure you've all got awesome plans in the bag for New Years. Have a great weekend and cheers to a new year filled with happiness, love and growth!

Love from across the ocean,

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