Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Last Days in Taipei City [cardigan x denim shorts x leggings]

Home sweet home. Back in 604, I am still thinking back to last three weeks I spent in Taiwan. This time around, we traveled to so many places, ate so much good food and walked at least 6 hours a day (still not enough to burn off all the goodies I eat everyday!).

During our last days in Taipei City, we were getting exhausted but wanted to do our best to complete as many items on our bucket list as possible. We spend a day going up the mountains by riding the Maokong Gondola with the see-through crystal floor. There are a total of three stops on the gondola - the zoo, the temples and the Maokong top. We made a couple of stops, skipping the zoo since it closed early, and made it to the top for some tea and authentic mountain cuisine.

Outfit Details:
This is a popular go-to outfit that a lot of girls in Taiwan wear. Leggings + Shorts/mini-skirt + Oversize Cardigan. It's flattering and makes your body look very proportional. For a lot of us Asian ladies, it's all about making your legs look elongated and long!

//Black stripe sweater. H&M//
//Necklace. Reminded Jewelry//
//Beige cable-knit cardigan, denim shorts & boots. Night market in Taiwan//

What We Did in Taiwan:
  • Started off the trip by visiting Danshui Love Pier and watched our very first sunrise - which was one of the four we watched throughout the trip (we can officially call ourselves the "Sun Chasers" & we've got the photos to prove it!)
  • Traveled to the Alishan, Sun Moon River in Central Taiwan & Kaoshiung and Kenting in the south
  • Went to Yilan and Jiaoxi for public hot springs.
  • Visited National Palace Museum, a photography festival, National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium.....
  • Went to not just one but 7 different nightmarkets. Often, we just walk until our feet can't do it anymore.
  • Got freaked out by a huge snake in a cage at the nightmarket *BARF*
  • Discovering that I actually have a fear of heights while going on a suspension bridge.
  • Soaked our feet in ponds with fish that ate/cleaned our feet.
  • Saw a rare Taiwan Macaque (red-faced monkey!)
  • much more!
Fun Facts:
  • Did you guys know Life of Pi was filmed in Kenting, Taiwan?! TRUTH people.
  • 7-11 in Taiwan trumps all. It's affordable. You can collect points to exchange for collectibles...and it's got a cafe attached to it!<5div>
  • I am addicted to Watsons. It's a cosmetics heaven.
  • There is so much to do at night. The malls close late at 10pm and everything is open on Christmas Day and New Years.
  • You can get bubbletea for $1 CDN.

Home sweet home. Or is it? Seeing my family, relatives and most importantly, my grandmas this time around made it extremely difficult for me to leave them. To me, the meaning of home has transcended its physical properties and I feel less attached to the place where I've grown up for the last 20 years. During the holidays, I truly felt at home when I was surrounded by my loved ones. No matter how much I complain about my family and loved ones, life is never whole without them. And I think of my friends who have moved/are moving away who are out there chasing their dreams and new endeavours but are away from their families. I am thinking of you all as a new chapter of our lives begin in 2013. I cherish all the moments we have together because I always feel at home when you are around. Smooth sailing ahead wherever you are. My hearts always with you.

Cheers to a new year,


  1. I know what you mean about the meaning of home transcending its physical properties. It does take a trip back to the homeland for me to realize it as well. Great to see what a great trip you had, CC. Hope I see you around soon :) - Jenn

  2. I guess we are really starting to realize what things are most important to us. Miss you Jenn!