Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Made in Canada

How was everyone's Oh Canada Day long weekend?! If you answer with any negativity, I am going to call you a liar. No matter what you were doing - at the Salmon Parade in Steveston, near Canada Place, at the Jazz Festival like me or just chilling out in your backyard - the weather was a natural mood-lifter. Last year, I celebrated with the big crowd down at Canada Place while watching the fireworks explode in the sky. This year, I celebrated in the traditional way - wearing red and white, proud and loud. (and I secretly yearned for a Molson Canadian Beer :p )

Even though I was not born in Canadian, but I am happy that the stars aligned some 15+ years ago and that I somehow found myself in this wonderful place that I would call home for many years and counting. Therefore, I am proud to say that I was made in Canada!

And to top off the love and patriotism, I am sporting a top from Jacob who is celebrating their "35 years of chic" and also a necklace with a pendant with Aboriginal art. (Furthermore, I watched Man of Steel last night and *SPOILER ALERT* Superman ends up in Canada somehow.)

//Red sleeveless top. Jacob//
//White denim cut-off. DIY//
//Black peep-toe wedges. Jeffrey Campbell//
[Image via Etsy]

Stand proud y'all!

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