Sunday, 31 August 2014

DIY Date Night

 Happy long weekend! Lately I feel like I have been living from one long weekend to another, so the extra day is definitely much appreciated. I spent the majority of the today working on this post in the hopes to bring you something refreshing and different. Having a blog is about sharing and inspiring, so I wanted to start sharing other passions in my life. As some of you may know, I work as an event planner in the nonprofit industry. Not only is it part of my job, it also serves as a creative outlet during and outside work. Hopefully I can bring a bit of my love for events and decor here.

Now, just because I love being organized and making things look pretty, sadly I can't say that my home is even close to being in that state. That's why I decided to do something special for our anniversary and set up a DIY dinner date at home. "Whoa I didn't think our dining room can look like this!" - that's what he said. Normally, I am not a huge sucker for romance, but I gave it a good try!

One thing you learn from planning events is that not everything ever goes to plan, but sometimes the best things happen when it's spontaneous. That's exactly what happened here. I started out with an OMBRE + GOLD theme, which eventualy worked out. The polka dot and gold wrap-around was a spur-of-the-moment inspiration at, believe it or not, a dollar store. The roses were exactly what I was looking for - a few stems of each colour - which were purchased from the supermarket. It required some trimming and rearranging to create the gradient of colour. The short fresh cut flowers were a quirky complement to the long-stemmed bouquet. Like I said, sometimes good things happen when they are unplanned. Now, the final steps. Somehow, I discovered some red polka dot notecards in my cupboard, so I created mini cards with a hand-written note as a personal touch. This was not so much about asthetic perfection, but more so about the happy and joy this may bring.

VOILA - a DIY date night is completed.

P.S. Oh and the pasta matched the theme - totally unintentional I swear1


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