Friday, 20 July 2012

So it begins

The fun, the fresh, the fashion - this all begins today!

I'm SO excited to get this started! This blog in every way embodies my philosophy of living - to find moments for refresh and to make the best of what you currently possess.

"Hues That Girl" hopes to add some colour into your life in all kinds of ways. Colour doesn't only come in splashes of cheerful hues but sometimes it comes in waves of calm and collected blues. This is a space for sharing the love for style, DIY and fresh/healthy living - everything from everyday style and outfit remixes to creative restyling and life's interesting tidbits. There will definitely be a few style "challenges" thrown in here (you know how much I like to be challenged!) I hope my posts will provide a refreshing break from your busy lives as it does for me.

See you soon, my lovely friends!

P.S. Feel free to email/message me any special "requests" for blog topics!


  1. Catchy blog name! Looking forward to more of your entries!

    1. Thanks MC! I'll be creeping on your blog from now on too :)