Saturday, 21 July 2012

Little Miss Sunshine

Hello Friends!

I thought I would start off the new blog with a simple yet fun outfit. I am loving the bright hues this season (no puns intended) and just cannot do without this neon yellow tank top. Needless to say, the yellow and blue combo is an awesome contrast and makes the outfit ultra fun and summer-friendly.I also tucked part of the tank into the waist band, in order to create the illusion of height with the long skirt. Hopefully I'll get a chance to restyle this skirt over the course of the summer to get more wears out of it. If our clothes were humans, they would and should be our BFFs and not just a one-time acquaintance!

If you must know:
Neon yellow tank & Cobalt Blue long skirt /Forever 21/
Black peep-toe strappy wedges /Jeffrey Campbells/

(wow I have the same smile in both - kinda creepy but awesome at the same time)

It's amazing how little things in life can make us smile and laugh hysterically on the inside. Sometimes it means sporting a stellar outfit, and other times it comes in the form of simple words from strangers who have no idea how much they are impacting you. I'm going to sign off with a quote I heard recently from a man who distributes the 24 Hours newspaper at the train station everyday. "Remember, you are awesome. You are an awesome blossom." God I love that dude. That's Mr. Sunshine for you.



  1. you look so chic dear:X lovely
    would you like to follow each other blog?kisses

    1. Thanks Sandra! You look gorgeous as well! I would love to follow your blog...and your great style ;)