Saturday, 4 August 2012

Hello Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is a beautiful town filled with Spanish architectural influences. We began our exploration of the town with it's courthouse, inspired by the historic Spanish structures. It's a must-see and is open to the public for free. The tower at the top allows you to view the entire town, even part of the coastline.

Following the tour at the courthouse at the heart of the town, we walked along State Street towards the farmer's market. The fruits all looked so fresh and delicious. Not only were there the usual varieties like tomatoes and strawberries there were also lots of exotic ones like the dragon tea pea and etc. The surrounding brand name stores (like Coach and Macys) on the sides of the street all have vintage inspired signage, setting them apart from their usual commercial counterparts.

After leaving the area, we drove by Solvang, a Danish town. It was almost sunset so most stores were closed, so we just took our time admiring the architecture.

The weather was extremely hot inland in comparison to the coast, so it was a huge sunscreen feat for the both of us. So y'all better slap on those sunscreens ladies! The heat wave is on!

Love from Cali,

1-outside the courthouse
2-the funky busses with a hat in the front
3-flags on State Street
4-old school box office in front of what used to be a hotel
5-the prison near the courthouse
6&7-cute vintage boutique called "Punch"
8-windmill at Solvang
9&11-farmers market
10-courthouse library

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