Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Light up your life

We all need a little something something to light up our lives.

My version of a pick-me-up usually involves treating myself to some froyo, scoring some great deals or wearing a bright color...on a normal day. During this vacation, it's not only shopping at the female version of a candy shop but also watching the beautiful fireworks at Disneyland!!!

This outfit here is a contrast of a neon coral quarter sleeves and my purple shorts - keeping it simple yet fun. In the summer, you just can't go wrong with a fresh pop of color.

What's your favorite pop of color this summer?

1 - desert ridge premium outlet; this is the biggest and most amazing outlet. It's even got prada and jimmy choo
3 - cute t-short from Kate Spades; you tell them sister!!
- wall of legos
5 - I found Dory!
6 - woody
4 & 7 - fireworks at Disneyland
8 - Disney downtown
9 - wall of Legos aka HEAVEN

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