Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Mural Magic

Sometimes we go through phases where we become absolutely obsessed with something. Perhaps it's something you've never paid attention to before. Perhaps it's a reoccuring subject that continuously catches your eye (like leopard print and me = if I see leopard print I get tunnel visioned).

I was looking through my photos from California and found several photos of murals that I took. Most of them are from Venice with the exception of one from Halfmoon Bay near San Francisco. I love these murals so much that I hope to get a mural painted in my future dream home. Yes, one day. It'll happen.

-Venice Beach-

-Starry Night @ Venice Beach-

-Old Venice-

-The Restaurant Featured in "I Love You Man"-

--Venice Beach-
 -Venice Beach-
-Halfmoon Bay, San Francisco-
 - Soho, NewYork-

I also added a photo of the new Tiffany & Co. outdoor mural in New York that I found while browsing on the internet. Tiffany & Co. is known for their creative window displays and this is the newest creation/collaboration with four artists (Danny Roberts is the mastermind behind this one). Here is a cool site I found with gorgeous photos of the four unique creations of "A Moment In Love" - If It's Hip, It's Here..
So I'm thinking a black wall with glow in the dark cartoon drawings as an indoor mural (jokes)? If you could design a mural, what would it look like?
Have a magical day!

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