Friday, 24 August 2012

Birthday Suit


It was my birthday this past week, and I just wanted to dedicated a post to all of mywonderful friends, family, coworkers who made this day so special.  I enjoyed the surprises, freshly-baked cupcakes, an authentic doughnut platter, thoughtful presents (everything was so ME! I was so impressed) and the surprise visits.  I booked the upstairs room at one of my favorite restuarants, the Mandalay Bay Steakhouse & Lounge, which overlooks the Steveston pier. There was a moment where I stepped out to the balcony next to the room and glanced into the room through the glass windows, and I took amental photograph of all my dear ones in a room together chatting and having a good time. This is it, I thought, this is the perfect “HAPPINESS” moment.  It is just so incredibly difficult to get people together as people move onto other stages of their lives, so I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to gather all the best people under one roof J The birthday girl/boy usually gets the spotlight on their special day, but as the birthday girl, I feel like it’s also a day to show your appreciation of the people around.
As for the outfit (the o-so-important part of theday), I wanted to veer away from the classic party dress and wear somethingbeachy and bohemian-inspired? The floral pattern, the frills and the high-lowcut are all qualities in clothes that I absolutely adore. To stay away from theblack leggings and shorts which are my go-to’s for colourful long tops, Ithought the denim mini skirt would do the trick especially to contrast the high-low cut of the top. Result? LOVE in the making.
High LowFloral Top //Forever XX1//
Denim Skirt//Jacob//N
ude Peep-toeHeels //ME TOO// (You can get this brand at Feet First)


"Birthdays are not only to celebrate the person you have become today, but also the great friends who have made you who you are."

Have a wonderful weekend!

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