Monday, 13 August 2012

Rock the Weekend Chic

Vrroom Vroom...

How was your weekend? I can't believe how gorgeous the weather was this weekend. Having spent a week and half in California left me anticipating an uncomfortable period of sunshine-withdrawal... and instead I'm being spoiled. THANK YOU VANCOUVER!

I was blessed with all the good things this week - sunshine, my best friend coming home, anniversary with my man and the best of it all *drumroll* winning a pair of tickets to the Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour by Cirque du Soleil (courtesy of PUR Movement where I've been taking dance classes)! BEAUTY.

This weekend, I sported a Rock and Roll Chic look. With a new top I have acquired during the course of my roadtrip (Desert Ridge Outlet Mall - near Palm Springs. Best outlet ever), my favorite booties and an edgy necklace, I was ready to rock the weekend. I've had these booties forever and they are actually extremely comfy. Nine West make great leather shoes and surprisingly my feet are free from blisters after hours of strutting around the streets of Vancouver. Function AND fashion is possible I tell you!

coral blouse //bebe//
 black tank top //banana republic//
denim leggings //sirens//
necklace //gift//
black ankle booties //nine west//

**CC's Styling Tips:**

1) Make an outfit unique by adding 1-2 elements of surprise. Go for some edgy statement jewelry OR an unconventional piece of clothing. 

2) Don't be too concerned about being matchy-matchy. For example, instead of black leggings to match the black shoes, I went with denim leggings with a black stripe on the side. Unconventional.....but trust me it works.

Love this necklace. It really makes the outfit! Plus the rhinestones on the shirt really adds some bedazzle to the outfit.


 MJ Immortal Show

The MJ Immortal Show was absolutely MINDBLOWING and BREATH-TAKING. I love music and dance, and this was a brilliant showcase of MJ's musical legacy and diverse genres of dance, with moments of the signature Cirque du Soleil humour and awe. Thanks to PUR Movement for making this happen! For all you folks interested in fitness and dance classes in Richmond, this is a beautiful new studio with dedicated instructors.

Rock out!

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