Thursday, 6 September 2012

Random Thursday: Favorite Feel Good Movie

This week's Random Thursday topic is.....Favorite Feel Good Movies. Sweet. Time to share my secret indulgence in Pixar and my love for Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep.


P How does that go again? Doesn't matter. The characters in this movie are cute to the max and I'm just a sucker for animated creatures. Dory has so many shining moments in this movie.

Dory's memory loss.

"If this is some kind of practical joke. It's not funny. And I know funny. I'm a clown fish!"

Dory speaking whale

(Skip to 2:45 for the whale talk.)


Again, like I said, I have a soft spot for animated creatures. Especially ones that don't speak! That's refreshing. Think about it. Why do you like pets so much? They cuddle with you and they don't talk back. Therefore, I find it difficult not to love these minions.



Not only has it got Anne Hathaway as the leading girl, it's also got Meryl Streep playing the role of the evil out-to-get-you diva of a boss. Based on the novel, we see Andrea (played by Anne) transform from a SMART journalist-to-be girl-next-door to a still smart but confident fashionista.

I could just hear Miranda in my head saying ove and over again: "That's all."

My favorite actresses. Fashion. Humour. Yup, that makes me feel REAL good.
This is definitely a must re-watch.

That's it for this week's Random Thursday. Make sure you check out the other Random Thursday blogs on Linny's Vault and Mpirical.

Happy Thursday!


  1. I feel like I should give The Devil Wears Prada another chance. So many people have it on their lists, and I barely even remember it! Maybe we should have a movie marathon sometime soon? Pyjama party! ;)

  2. Despicable Me is one of the cutest movies ever! I love the little yellow helpers, they're hilarious. Have you seen the mini trailer for the sequel? Oh man, I can't wait to see it. I may have to borrow a child from someone so I dont look like a creeper in the theater haha.

    Thanks for linking up with us, again!