Monday, 10 September 2012

Taiwan Fest

Greetings! I just came back from a long weekend work event - exhausted but more inspired and refreshed than ever. I wish I had shared my photos of the Taiwan Fest in downtown vancouver earlier to encourage more people to go. I had so much fun that I went back the next day just for MORE food!

The Taiwan Fest took place over the Labour Day long weekend. Apart from the previous years, the festival took place in the heart of downtown - on Granville Street and behind the Vancouver Art Gallery. The event featured lots of businesses, cultural games and activities (ie. lantern making and chinese vegetable plants), as well as Taiwanese music artists and bands. The highlight however was the amazing variety of traditional food! As a Taiwanese, I would have to say that the dishes were a fairly decent portrayal of the traditional street foods back home. The fried shrimp rolls, braised pigfoot with thin noodles, brown rice cake (really pork blood mixed with rice..), lamb skewers, etc....this was more authentic and diverse than the night market! Needless to say, I would HIGHLY recommend everyone to check it out next year.

Outfit Deets:
Cobalt Blue Chiffon Top (Adrina Top) //Brandy Melville//
Lace Beige Tank Top //Brandy Melville//
White cut-off denim shorts //DIY from old white jeans//
White ankle boots //VS.Nordstrom Rack//
Feather Hat //Charming Charlie//

I am also happy about finally completing my DIY cut-off shorts. It took some effort to get the fringes to look right, requiring lots of dexterity in pulling the strings out and the use of my eyebrow plucker :P There's definitely a trick to ti!

And that's the Taiwan (aka DROOL) Fest for you. Sometimes flavours of a home-cooked meal or street food greatly surpasse the extravagance of a restaurant palette. Great chefs cook from the heart and with passion, and the familiarity and story behind these dishes takes that dining experience even further. I love trying new restaurants, but I'll always have a timely craving for these simple treats that taste like home!


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  1. seems like lots of fun!

    love the blue top :)