Friday, 19 October 2012

Things I Love About Fall

Hello! Happy Autumn! As much as the cold breeze is sending chills down my spine, this week's Random Thursday topic is giving me a chance to appreciate the season, in all its deserving glory. Because really, fall is beautiful and it's REALLY not that bad.

Things I Love About Fall...

1. Pumpkin Pie

2. Boots



Boots. Enough Said.

3. Fall Colours

2012 fall fashion trends 2012 Fall Fashion Trends on Trial: #1   Wine/Burgundy 
While I love bright colours, I appreciate the earthiness, elegance and warmth of the fall fashion colour schemes. Wine, in particular, is my #COTS (Colour of the Season). Throw in some burgundy lipstick, we're ready to rock.

4. Hot Pot

Cook This Hot Pot! Need Recipe Testers for New Cookbook  
While the temperature is dropping, we are turning up the dial at home! My favorite meal at home is a family style hot pot. Not only is the food served hot and right on demand, you can have whatever you want whenever you want. There's just something gratifying about sitting around a hot pot eating with your family and friends. If your stomach is not warmed up by a meal like this, then at least you'll be feeling cozy inside =)

5. Hot Chocolate + Marshmallows



 Oh it's just so beautiful to look at. The fluffy white marshmallows floating in hot chocolate, topped off with sprinkles of cinnamon or other goodies like peppermint - is just godly.

What are your fall favorites?


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