Wednesday, 3 October 2012

VFW Spring/Summer 2013 Recap

At last! I am ready to share my photos and tidbits from Vancouver Fashion Week. It was an eventful week - 5 days of VFW, the first week of our dodgeball season and the Jason Mraz concert.
This was my first time at Vancouver Fashion Week and I was thoroughly intriqued and impressed by the diversity of collections, designers and audience at both the fashion shows and the galas. True to the event's own mandate, this really was an event that reflected the multiculturalism and uniqueness of Vancouver as a city by bringing together designers from different countries and cultures (South Africa, Korea, Paris, etc.) and an audience consisted of local "celebrities", media VIPs (ie. bloggers and social media stars), professionals and students from the fashion industry and people like me who were merely fashion enthusiasts.

My favorite collections were the ones that surprised the crowd with their amazing creations. I loved details and cut-outs from QUBE. I was blown away by the intensity (water was sprayed on the model's hair before they hit the runway & they were literally speed walking) fashion-forwardness from Ha Sang Beg's show. Having had the opportunity to help out with Gertz's collection backstage, I was impressed by his intricacy with the dresses and his craftsmanship as he manipulated the LED light structures in the dress in preparation for the show. Their dedication and passion showed not only through their creations but also through their interactions with the models, makeup artists and people around them. Like artists, they were committed to showing the world their vision in their own tune, words and style. In all, it was inspiring.

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My favorite moments included:
  •  Seeing the designers, models and stylists backstage in action
  •  The venue transforming from a regular gym into a beautiful runway
  •  Meeting amazing people and making new friends
  •  Having fun remodifying my volunteer tshirt (Tshirt DIY isn't as easy as it looks!!)
  • The designer Lava Woman walking down the runway and dancing with her models to end the show (It shows that that fashion is not all about perfection. It's okay to have fun.)
Lessons learned:
  • When you are passionate about something, go for it and surround yourself with people alike. { If you want to be the fashion industry, go out there and meet people, ask good questions, seek out mentors and surround yourself with inspirations.}
  • Dress up whenever and however you like. It's okay to be the only one doing it. Remember, there will always be others like you out there. { Show your style and don't be afraid to be a trendsetter. Being safe will never make you better. Taking risks can give you more satisfaction than inaction.}
  • There's always more than meets the eye. Learn to see through different lenses to get the full experience. and broaden your perspectives. { It was amazing for me to see the process and work that goes behind the immaculate pieces showcased at fashion shows. I really got the full experience.}

I hope to carry the inspiration and good energy with me throughout the rest of the year. We are always striving to for self improvements and to feel the genuine excitement as we work towards our dreams. True passion really is a rare and powerful virtue...and we've all got it.


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