Sunday, 20 January 2013

Weekend Basics [Beige x Black]

This was just another lazy Sunday. Nowhere to be and nothing to do. The only ultimate goal we had was to get home by 7pm to watch the hockey game, but that was about it. It's funny how you end up taking longer to do everything, but enjoying it a lot more.
That's how I somehow ended up here...near Coco et Olive. This is one of the cutest wall murals I've seen in Vancouver. If you can't grow a garden, why not paint it? Brilliant. When I was young, I dreamt about painting my room into a jungle. I even drew up a draft - no joke.
Here I'm wearing a mixture of blacks and a long beige cardigan. Yes you may think it's crazy that I'm wearing a short-sleeve cardigan...but trust me, I am no fool! I love fashion but I also value function. This cardigan is a blend of wool and cotton and the length definitely helps to keep the warmth in. It looks like such a simple cardi but I love the drape in the front, as well as the sparkly beads and sequins on the shoulders (a shame that it's not featured in any of the photos but maybe next time!). 

//Beige long cardigan. Sylvian Heach//Black coat. GAP//Suede pants. Forever XII//
//Leather belt. Vintage// Black circle scarf. Jacob//Black suede loafers. Steve Madden//

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