Friday, 25 January 2013

It Takes Two

It takes two to tango! I'm jumping onto the trend bandwagon of two-tone jackets.. with two feet ( punny, no?). The two tone - black and khaki green - can be found in the form of casual safari jackets, as well as winter coats this season. (See how Jessica Alba wore it here.) I am a fan of mixing elements so the combination of khaki green and the sleek faux-leather sleeves is definitely getting an A+ for effort and style.

And there's the leopard print hat - the cute and cuddly element, much needed in the city of rain and cold air. OR this could just mean that I was too lazy to deal with my hair. The fierce Beyonce hair? No way I'm touching that. Leopard print can be quite fierce though, so I am glad I got that covered. Plus, it gives the outfit a bit of glamour.

One last thing - if you asked me where I got my shirt from, I'm going to be THAT person and say "oh this? yeah I got it from ____(not in Canada)." I sincerely apologize in advance.

As this post draws to a close on a late Friday afternoon...I wish you all a refreshing weekend!


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