Saturday, 2 March 2013

Brighter Days

We've all seen brighter days. This was a gorgeous sunny day last weekend in Steveston - a preview of what would be spring in the next few weeks (or few months). Even though the weather may be staggering to catch up with the seasons, why not infuse some brightness into our outfits?

Here I am in a weekend outfit to grab some fish and chips with friends at Pajos! This is definitely a transitional winter-to-spring outfit,with a beige coat (super cute with the collar and wide sleeves!), rolled up jeans and BRIGHT mint-coloured wedges! I threw on an ethnically-inspired, patterned pashmina. Theres a lot of colour going on but if you look closely, there is some bright blue detailing in the embroidery. Plus, I am obsessed about the mix and match patterned looks and I frankly don't care if it looks unmatched. I just want to wear a heck of a lot COLOUR! YOU CAN'T STOP ME!

Now, I gotta mention that a guy friend of mine impressed me by pointing out that I rolled up my jeans to elongate my legs visually...Well done my friend. Who said guys dont pay attention to these things? I am thoroughly impressed!

Anyhow, let's just appreciate the gorgeous blue skies in these photos and daydream about our summertime in a cut-off shorts walking around Kits Beach. Ah the life.
Keep dreaming =)

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