Monday, 22 April 2013

Because We Care

Happy Earth Day! How are you celebrating earth today? More importantly, what actions are you taking today to protect the Earth for the future generation?

This morning, I made a contribution to the "We Care" Campaign created by Light Activewear. This earth-friendly line advocates for the usage of recyclable materials and sustainable fabric processes, which leads to less material and water waste in the long run. By utilizing 100% recycled polyester, Light Activewear has a designed a beautiful lifestyle line comprising of  a short-sleeve top, jacket and pants (pictures below). These garments are made with both function and comfort in mind, with a subtle flare of modern style.

Light Activewear is a locally-designed brand was  co-founded by the Lei Sisters - Judy and Michelle. Since the inception of the brand two years ago, their garments have spread like wildfire in the hot yoga and dance fitness industry. Their successes can be credited to the graphically-inspired pieces, each with its own sweet surprises. The products not only reflect the owners' passion in quality and style but also in social causes. Through "We Care", Light Activewear is leading the environmentally-conscious movement and urging everyone to think twice about where our clothes come from and how our needs are affecting the environment.

Join the "We Care" Campaign or check it out for more information about the garments and the materials they are made with. Any amount of donation will help push this project forward. The best part? You will be  will be rewarded with the following garment(s) for selected contribution levels.

We have 45 days left to reach $10,000. 
Join the movement now.


P.S. For all the men out there - if you're wondering what to do with the very cute piece of garment, I suggest giving it to the wonderful women in your lives!

The Anna Tee
The Pearl Pant
The Darla Jacket

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