Thursday, 4 April 2013

Black Magic

//Black & brown two-toned blazer. Taiwan//
//Black magic pants. Aritzia//
//Scarf. vintage//
//Brown oxfords. Taiwan//

Other than today, It's been super sunny lately yet I keep wearing black! What's wrong with me?! I promise I will instill more spring optimism in my future posts.

I love these pants - Artizia calls them the Black Magic Pants. I didn't think I would wear pants with narrow bottoms again since my high school days in my old-school Adidas track suit. However, they are super soft and comfortable and is the perfect combination of fashion and function. To break up the blacks in the outfit, I used a vintage patterned skinny scarf as a belt. Can't say I didn't try ;) Have a good Friday everyone!

Yours Truly,

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  1. Should get your photographer to bring a mini reflector (those ones that go for like 15 dollars). It will make those photos even more amazing!

    Where is this wall anyways? Looks pretty cool!


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