Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Weekend in Portland

Here is a short and sweet recap of my summer days in Portland. Perhaps the memories are enough to counter the rain coming our way.


  • Try Voodoo donuts at least once in your life. My advice is to line up early in the morning at about 9:30AM on a weekday to avoid excessive lineups. We lined up for 20 minutes, which was quite decent.
  • Sport a breezy and cool tank top (polyester) with vibrant colours to compliment the artsy city, and a flowy light lace skirt. It was all about beating the heat.
  • Walk the city and take time to admire the history and architecture...especially the brick walls, alleyways and cobblestone sidewalks decorated with wall painting and graffiti.
  • Try out the food carts, EUROTRASH & SHOWROOM. Deep Fried Crab in a Ciabatta Sandwich & Pork Belly Burger (respectively). If I could only eat from foodtrucks for the rest of my life, I'd do Portland.

What's your favorite thing about Portland?

//tanktop.Mink Pink at Plenty//
//black lace skirt. boutique in LA//
//brown cutout booties. Jeffrey Campbell//

Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Summer Romper

As our summer starts to draw to a close with end of season sales and back-to-school commercials (too soon), it's a reminder to bust out those summer-friendly numbers before it ceases to see the light once autumn rolls around.

Rompers have been a huge staple of the summer. They are adorable and can be ultra comfortable and as easy to put on as any other one piece. However, be forewarned that taking it off may not be that easy. Try doing that in the washroom at your workplace. Yes - that was when I thought to myself "oh this is awkward," but thankfully I was alone in my embarrassment.

I have been playing tour guide in the last three weeks, while my cousins visited Vancouver for the first time. The gorgeous weather, more generous than I remembered it being in the last few years, was to be thankful for, as well as being able to spend time with family that I normally only see every 2 years or so. It can be a burden to be tasked with showing the best of a city to two tourists, but it was a great reason to revisit my favorite places in this city and to cross off some of those very bucket-list items of my own. Now that they have left, I hope to continue to cross out more items on my own.

What's on your bucket list for the rest of summer?

//romper. Taiwan//
//black suede flats. Steve Madden//
//sunglasses. vintage//

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Vanstyle Summer Nights Fashion Show

A couple weeks I had the pleasure of attending the Vanstyle Summer Nights Fashion Show, produced by Vanstyle, a fashion community run and operated by SFU students, at the exquisite Waterfall Building on 2nd Ave. Tucked away behind a waterfall was the beautiful triangular glass building, whose natural lighting and artworks served as the perfect backdrop for showcasing the three featured designers - Pretty Hipster (by Mark Abenir) & Ritzy Pin (by Anna Kudrjasova).

Below are some of my favorite pieces from both collections. The gowns from Pretty Hipster are glamorous and filled with surprises, such as cut-outs, and never lacking in their airy and grandiose quality. It's amazing that these are the works of an 18-year-old who at this young age had already chosen to follow his dreams - to pursue a career in passion.

The highlight of my night was meeting Anna Kudrjasova, the designer of the up and coming Canadian online retail brand, Ritzy Pin. Ritzy Pin is ready to launch anytime soon, and is set to become the go-to store to satisfy the cravings of "wild and free" spirits. This collection was brought to life with a bright colour palette and womanly silhouettes exude a strong sense of self-expression and fun-loving nature. Anna and her PR manager Lina, were both incredibly sweet and down-to-earth and were the perfect spokespeople for their brand. We are really looking forward to the official launch of Ritzy Pin and can't wait to get our hands on some of these unique pieces ourselves!

All in all, it was a night of great fashion, conversation and inspiration. After all, who could miss out on an opportunity to play fashionista for a night?

1/2/3 - Designs from Pretty Hipster. (PS - doesn't the first gown look like something Danaerys from Game of thrones would wear?!)
4/5 - The fun, edgy yet girly designs from Ritzy Pin.
6 - The beautiful Anna, founder of Ritzy Pin, and Franny, my date for the night.
7 - Friends =)
8/9/10 - Tina, my other date for the night, Franny and myself in our fashionable attires.