Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Weekend in Portland

Here is a short and sweet recap of my summer days in Portland. Perhaps the memories are enough to counter the rain coming our way.


  • Try Voodoo donuts at least once in your life. My advice is to line up early in the morning at about 9:30AM on a weekday to avoid excessive lineups. We lined up for 20 minutes, which was quite decent.
  • Sport a breezy and cool tank top (polyester) with vibrant colours to compliment the artsy city, and a flowy light lace skirt. It was all about beating the heat.
  • Walk the city and take time to admire the history and architecture...especially the brick walls, alleyways and cobblestone sidewalks decorated with wall painting and graffiti.
  • Try out the food carts, EUROTRASH & SHOWROOM. Deep Fried Crab in a Ciabatta Sandwich & Pork Belly Burger (respectively). If I could only eat from foodtrucks for the rest of my life, I'd do Portland.

What's your favorite thing about Portland?

//tanktop.Mink Pink at Plenty//
//black lace skirt. boutique in LA//
//brown cutout booties. Jeffrey Campbell//

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