Sunday, 29 September 2013

Stubborn Love

In the last week, it feels as if nature is just been squeezing out sporadic periods of sunshine like squeezing out the last dainty drops of lemon juice from the wedge. (Oh look I'm doing that Vancouverite thing again talking about the weather. Well whaaddup I'm ownin' it).

The Lumineers concert was last Thursday and took place at Deer Lake Park in Burnaby. We were truly blessed by some good dry weather, which came into effect pre-emptively in the mid-afternoon. After a brief costume change after work, voila, I transformed into a concert bo-ho with my trusty Hipster Lion (if you haven't met him, he made his first appearance on my birthday as a honorary Leo).

Needless to say, being able to watch the Lumineers perform on such an unique space was a real treat. The pure sound of their voices and instruments (especially the cello ah my favorite) resonated and echoed throughout the park. For those who haven't been, this is an open, general-admissions venue with a wide-open field on a hill facing the concert stage. There were also lots of food trucks and booths available, which was a nice surprise and alternative to the usual hot dog and burger at concerts. My friend joked that she couldn't get tickets in time so she was going to just drive to Burnaby and sit outside the concert park. She very well could have. I fell in love with their entire album all over again, despite the fact I had been listening to their songs on loop the whole week. I had joked prior to the concert that it takes a non-Vancouverite to be gutsy enough to book a show at an outdoor venue in Vancouver, but all the stars aligned and brought Lumineer's inspiring music together with us on a beautiful, serene night.

Oh oh ah ah hey hey
May you return to love one day
Well I hope and I pray
You get what you gave
Oh oh ah ah hey hey

Enjoy the photos!

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