Sunday, 10 November 2013

Call in the festivities [Red x Camel]

It's getting quite chilly lately, but the crisp air is both refreshing and cleansing. The symbolic Starbucks red cup and the red-green-gold glitziness have emerged at the turn of every corner. I'll take a eggnog latte and a snowman cookie please. Snow? That can wait ;)

Inspired by the holiday d├ęcor, I transformed a piece of red plaid fabric into a snuggly scarf. The camel coat is a nice autumn go-to on the days you might like to take a break from the basic black and white. Someone amazingly called this the "Gingerbread on Christmas red" duo. Well-said girl! Let the festivities begin!

Now excuse me while I grab a latte. Cheers!

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