Sunday, 5 January 2014

Hello 2014!

Hello to a new year! It's nice to be snuggled up at my favorite spot on the couch on a sunny afternoon ready to spill my heart out to the world. The holidays offered the opportunity to reconnect with and indulge in the joyful, often simple, things we loves so much in our lives. Family gatherings with more than three generations present. Old friends flocking back to homeland. Silly conversations accompanied by copious amounts food and wine.

I searched deeply for words of inspiration as I celebrated the end of another interesting year. Some simple wisdom that could be applied daily instead of an elaborate New Year resolution or rigid goal, nor another cliche of positivity. The perfect words came to me while I was doing some serious reflecting (aka. watching an old episode of Bones!|). It's probably one of the most honest and encouraging song, called "No Envy No Fear" by Joshua Radin.

Beyond all other things that I want to be achieving this year, I want to live each day with no envy and no fear. Instead of allowing envy to take over with judgement, honour the success of others.  Borrow the positive energy and drive and use it well. Have no fear. Fear often stems from past experiences and apprehension with the unknown. Get comfortable with unfamiliarity and with that will come the freedom to feel and be yourself. Let yourself be happy. It's as simple as that.

And with that, here's a toast to another exciting year ahead!

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