Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Sometimes there are no themes or any sense of coherency to an outfit you choose to wear. The key is that every piece consists of a story, one that you want to remember or are reminded of. The Coach clutch reminds of my double-date trip to the States with my good friend where we ended up overdosing chocolate pretzels from Trader Joes. The skirt from a favorite aunt, which I had been dying to wear,  with polka dots and all, is perhaps a reflection of how she still sees me - as if I was still the same girl at the age of 9 trying on my mother's lipstick and running around the playground causing all kinds of trouble.

This is all just a mashup of items, but like all mashups, there's something that ties it altogether - your unique story, one that that only you know or are bursting to share. Hopefully there's a good memory that will bring a smile to your face.

Cecilia <3 

{My Favorites}
Make-shift DIY Headband
Fux Leather Jacket. Supremebeing
Suede boots with buckle detail, MK
Polka dot "Party" Skirt

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