Sunday, 29 July 2012

Chasing the sun

One thing I noticed while being around Arizona is that there is CACTUS everywhere. It's not just your average cactus, there are so many different kind of cactus plants such as napolea which are the red shorter ones below. We are also getting used to the hot climate and was even brave enough to venture out and shop at an outdoor mall :p Trust me it's a huge feat.

Here's the outfit I was sporting on day 2. We were going out for dinner, so I wanted to dress up a bit but still maintain my "cool". I got these shorts in a sale in Seattle and they are the most comfortable things ever. They also have drawstrings on the side so you can adjusted it to make them shorter or longer. It's a nice cross between the fancy pattern and casual feel of the fabric.

Outfit #2
White blouse //boutique//
Printed shorts //urban outfitter//
Yellow belt //h&m//
Shoes //jeffrey campbells//

I'm absolutely enjoying the sun.. Even getting a bit bronzy ;) It was nice being relaxed but I have to say that sometimes it's not easy to get yourself to slow down. Going from go go go to completely nothing can be an uncomfortable process, but we owe it to ourselves to just stop and let it go, even for a brief moment throughout the day. I saw a new meme that said "KEEP CALM its only the Olympics". Maybe there needs to be a shirt that says "KEEP CALM, it's just life."


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