Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Music is the language of the soul

Hello! I am behind on my postings but I will continue to play catchup as the week goes on.

Day 3 in the desert - I visited the Music Instrument Museum. It was surprisingly enlightening and interesting. They had exhibits which introduced historic instruments from all over the world, as well as an in-depth exploration of modern day music. The building is quite new, with wood finishes and a courtyard outside.

There was a couple of exhibits I found particularly interesting. First was about how pianos were made, from sanding down the wood to tuning by a piano master. The second was an interview conducted with a popular flute maker and musician. He is of Aboriginal descent and was taught how to make flutes by his uncle. In the interview, he talked about how people often asked him if his music is traditional. He often replies that tradition is constant - constantly changing, and that what we start doing now could become a tradition. So whether it is or it's not it doesn't matter. We should always hope that whatever music we make now becomes tradition in the future and continues to get passed on. Well said
- we should be sharing our knowledge and art with everyone. That's why I love writing and reading blogs so the world can be enriched with more knowledge and perspectives.


Outfit 3:
Blue top //brandy&melville//
Purple shorts //h&m//
Flats //gift//
Hat //charming Charlie//

3rd from top
- Music Instrument Museum
5 - Rihanna's gold microphone. The microphone is the instrument of a singer.
7- one of Elvis Presley's performing outfits
8- sign in the lobby of museum.