Sunday, 16 September 2012

Printed Shorts x 6 Ways

Happy Monday!

To kickstart a new week, I've picked a pair of black and white printed shorts to restyle. Whenver we make a purchase decision at a clothing store, I'm sure we're all wondering "will I wear this?", "do I have anything to go with this?" or "how often will I wear it?" Those are all very important questions, and I'm making it a personal mission to restyle the HECK out of as many pieces as possible.

Prints are huge this year - everything from floral patterns, graphic prints, aztec patterns, cute zebras and birds.. you name it! These prints may look busy but play a part in jazzing up an old outfit. Here are the six ways of which I have restyled them.

From left to right:

9 to 5er  - The tailored blazer and flowy white top makes it fun but still suitable for a professional setting.

Boho Beach - Take this off shoulder top and feather earrings for a twirl at the beach.

Preppy Blair - Add a cropped cardigan and a headband to get a sharp, preppy look.

Brights - Just add a bright coloured top and some statement jewlery and you're good to go.

Print on Print - Yes I did! Print on print can work. Here I paired stars with the diamonds on the shorts for some extra bling ;)

Culture Coulture - I really like the colours on this pashmina. Paired with some dangling earrings and a yellow belt, I'm ready to hit the museum or an outdoor concert.

What's your favorite look? Or more importantly, which look would YOU wear?

Have a great one!


  1. i wud totally wear the red cardigan outfit and the print on prints one! :)
    love the restyling!!

    1. You are sooo cute. Thanks! You would've probably DIYed some jewelry and accessories to go with the shorts - Laura-style ;)

    2. haha. we should collaborate sometime ;)

      BY THE WAY, I just nominated you for a BLOG BUG AWARD on my site!! Here's the link:

      do it if you want, but i just thot i'd let you know i gave you a shoutout! haha :)

    3. AAAH! That's so rad! Thank you Laura - you're awesome!

  2. I like the first one and the last one the best. So cute!!