Sunday, 20 January 2013

Weekend Basics [Beige x Black]

This was just another lazy Sunday. Nowhere to be and nothing to do. The only ultimate goal we had was to get home by 7pm to watch the hockey game, but that was about it. It's funny how you end up taking longer to do everything, but enjoying it a lot more.
That's how I somehow ended up here...near Coco et Olive. This is one of the cutest wall murals I've seen in Vancouver. If you can't grow a garden, why not paint it? Brilliant. When I was young, I dreamt about painting my room into a jungle. I even drew up a draft - no joke.
Here I'm wearing a mixture of blacks and a long beige cardigan. Yes you may think it's crazy that I'm wearing a short-sleeve cardigan...but trust me, I am no fool! I love fashion but I also value function. This cardigan is a blend of wool and cotton and the length definitely helps to keep the warmth in. It looks like such a simple cardi but I love the drape in the front, as well as the sparkly beads and sequins on the shoulders (a shame that it's not featured in any of the photos but maybe next time!). 

Monday, 14 January 2013

Riding in Burgundy

How lucky were we to catch a sunny break this weekend? It's been a movie marathon weekend for us. I finally saw two of the movies on the top of my list - Skyfall and The Hobbit. I've still yet to catch up on the rest of the Oscar favorites, but at least I've gotten two out of the way so far. Skyfall - a homage to the classic and traditional Bond & The Hobbit - a trip down memory lane when I first dove into the world of J.RR. Tokien novels.

Inspired by the British accents, the refined London architecture and her Queen Majesty references, this was my way of paying respect to the old English ways as 007 did in the movie. Instead of pleading my allegiance, I put together a classic riding outfit with a spin - a splash of burgundy. I'm loving these boots as they extremely versatile as well as being quite the looker, with removable leather straps that can double up as a bracelet or removed completely for a more polished look. Someone once told me that I'm a sucker for detail, and they were right after all.

Now onto the burgundy hat. When I first saw this hat, I thought it was the cutest thing ever. I bought it with New Years festivities in mind! A bit silly...but red's for good luck right? (PLUS, there's a tonne of silliness out there on the other side of the world. Like Elmo and Winnie the Pooh surgical masks. Yes case and point.) It's great to have moments in life where we don't have to take ourselves too seriously. It brings on a sense of relief and inner peace at times we need it most.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Last Days in Taipei City [cardigan x denim shorts x leggings]

Home sweet home. Back in 604, I am still thinking back to last three weeks I spent in Taiwan. This time around, we traveled to so many places, ate so much good food and walked at least 6 hours a day (still not enough to burn off all the goodies I eat everyday!).

During our last days in Taipei City, we were getting exhausted but wanted to do our best to complete as many items on our bucket list as possible. We spend a day going up the mountains by riding the Maokong Gondola with the see-through crystal floor. There are a total of three stops on the gondola - the zoo, the temples and the Maokong top. We made a couple of stops, skipping the zoo since it closed early, and made it to the top for some tea and authentic mountain cuisine.

Outfit Details:
This is a popular go-to outfit that a lot of girls in Taiwan wear. Leggings + Shorts/mini-skirt + Oversize Cardigan. It's flattering and makes your body look very proportional. For a lot of us Asian ladies, it's all about making your legs look elongated and long!

//Black stripe sweater. H&M//
//Necklace. Reminded Jewelry//
//Beige cable-knit cardigan, denim shorts & boots. Night market in Taiwan//