Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Music is the language of the soul

Hello! I am behind on my postings but I will continue to play catchup as the week goes on.

Day 3 in the desert - I visited the Music Instrument Museum. It was surprisingly enlightening and interesting. They had exhibits which introduced historic instruments from all over the world, as well as an in-depth exploration of modern day music. The building is quite new, with wood finishes and a courtyard outside.

There was a couple of exhibits I found particularly interesting. First was about how pianos were made, from sanding down the wood to tuning by a piano master. The second was an interview conducted with a popular flute maker and musician. He is of Aboriginal descent and was taught how to make flutes by his uncle. In the interview, he talked about how people often asked him if his music is traditional. He often replies that tradition is constant - constantly changing, and that what we start doing now could become a tradition. So whether it is or it's not it doesn't matter. We should always hope that whatever music we make now becomes tradition in the future and continues to get passed on. Well said
- we should be sharing our knowledge and art with everyone. That's why I love writing and reading blogs so the world can be enriched with more knowledge and perspectives.


Outfit 3:
Blue top //brandy&melville//
Purple shorts //h&m//
Flats //gift//
Hat //charming Charlie//

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Chasing the sun

One thing I noticed while being around Arizona is that there is CACTUS everywhere. It's not just your average cactus, there are so many different kind of cactus plants such as napolea which are the red shorter ones below. We are also getting used to the hot climate and was even brave enough to venture out and shop at an outdoor mall :p Trust me it's a huge feat.

Here's the outfit I was sporting on day 2. We were going out for dinner, so I wanted to dress up a bit but still maintain my "cool". I got these shorts in a sale in Seattle and they are the most comfortable things ever. They also have drawstrings on the side so you can adjusted it to make them shorter or longer. It's a nice cross between the fancy pattern and casual feel of the fabric.

Outfit #2
White blouse //boutique//
Printed shorts //urban outfitter//
Yellow belt //h&m//
Shoes //jeffrey campbells//

I'm absolutely enjoying the sun.. Even getting a bit bronzy ;) It was nice being relaxed but I have to say that sometimes it's not easy to get yourself to slow down. Going from go go go to completely nothing can be an uncomfortable process, but we owe it to ourselves to just stop and let it go, even for a brief moment throughout the day. I saw a new meme that said "KEEP CALM its only the Olympics". Maybe there needs to be a shirt that says "KEEP CALM, it's just life."


Saturday, 28 July 2012

A hot, hot mess

As soon as I got off the plane in my scarf and jacket, I felt like the crazy person. It is 40 degrees here - yes, just like Bikram Yoga. Look at that, free exercise! Can't complain about the sunshine.

Thankfully, we arrived at a beautiful resort where we water stations, pools and air conditioning are never lacking in sight.

In this weather, shorts are the ultimate go-to. I paired up my favorite purple shorts with a slightly sheer turquoise top for extra breathability. Talk about function over fashion!

Outfit #1
Turquoise polka dot top //Charlotte Russe//
Purple shorts //h&m//
Brown wedge peep-toe booties //Jeffrey Campbell//

I also includes some paradise "eye candy" for those of you back home (please don't hate me)


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Away We Go

As I am writing this, I am melting away in a resort in Phoenix. I have reunited with my partner in crime (my travel buddy). We have started off our 12-day adventure in Phoenix, then will be making our way to LA and up the California coast to San Francisco. I will try to update as much as possible - whenever wifi allows me to!

It's tricky trying to pack for places where the weather can be completely opposites, from scorching hot 40s to cool 20, especially when you are trying to cram everything into one small baggage. But the job was done and I was happy with it.

(btw: my packing tutorial can be found here.

What I packed:
- 2 pairs of shorts
- a skirt
- a pair of leggings
- a pair of jeans
- 4 tops
- a sweater + a jacket
- 2 pairs of shoes + flip flops
- scarf + a belt
- a fancy shmancy dress + dress shoes

With the exception of a Gala I will be attending, I will be remixing these pieces to create a different outfit everyday. Let's get this party started!


P.S. Please let me know if you have suggestions on where we should hit up!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Little Miss Sunshine

Hello Friends!

I thought I would start off the new blog with a simple yet fun outfit. I am loving the bright hues this season (no puns intended) and just cannot do without this neon yellow tank top. Needless to say, the yellow and blue combo is an awesome contrast and makes the outfit ultra fun and summer-friendly.I also tucked part of the tank into the waist band, in order to create the illusion of height with the long skirt. Hopefully I'll get a chance to restyle this skirt over the course of the summer to get more wears out of it. If our clothes were humans, they would and should be our BFFs and not just a one-time acquaintance!

If you must know:
Neon yellow tank & Cobalt Blue long skirt /Forever 21/
Black peep-toe strappy wedges /Jeffrey Campbells/

Friday, 20 July 2012

So it begins

The fun, the fresh, the fashion - this all begins today!

I'm SO excited to get this started! This blog in every way embodies my philosophy of living - to find moments for refresh and to make the best of what you currently possess.

"Hues That Girl" hopes to add some colour into your life in all kinds of ways. Colour doesn't only come in splashes of cheerful hues but sometimes it comes in waves of calm and collected blues. This is a space for sharing the love for style, DIY and fresh/healthy living - everything from everyday style and outfit remixes to creative restyling and life's interesting tidbits. There will definitely be a few style "challenges" thrown in here (you know how much I like to be challenged!) I hope my posts will provide a refreshing break from your busy lives as it does for me.

See you soon, my lovely friends!

P.S. Feel free to email/message me any special "requests" for blog topics!