Friday, 31 August 2012

Sayin' I Do

This summer has been filled with many beach days, bbq parties, and the most magical of them all, beautiful weddings. I had the chance to attend a charming wedding to celebrate the union of an absolutely adorable couple. The ceremony was held at Mayfair Golf Course in Richmond. Upon entering the building, guests walked through the dining area and towards a grass pennisula in the middle of the spacious golf course. The area seated just under 100 guests, and with the sun shining brightly, it was the perfect moment. Other than the fact that we were at risk of getting nailed by a was picture perfect nonetheless.

Since this was an outdoor event, I decided to wear a flowy peach dress that I recently received in a package from my cousins in Taiwan (yay - love my sistas!). Weddings are a happy occasion, so I feel that colours are definitely necessary. This dress can actually be worn two ways - as a V-neck dress or reversed into a boat neck dress (wide neckline). It depends on your body shape, and personally, V-necks are usually more flattering on me. The dress has plaids consisted of soft blue and peach accents running across the bottom, so I decided to decided on a blue necklace to compliment the peach and to bring out the pattern.

Outfit details:
Peach Dress //Gift from Taiwan//
Gold Leopard Print Clutch //Locale//
Nude Peeptoe Pumps //Me Too//
Necklace //Boutique in LA//

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Random Thursdays: If I Had a Million Dollars

I've recently subscribed to the Random Thursdays Circle. I am super excited to get started and present to you my very first Random Thursday blog post! (And show off this GORGEOUS BUTTON made by Lynn)

(or the way I'd like to think is...WHEN I have a million dollars)

1. I would buy an island.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Mural Magic

Sometimes we go through phases where we become absolutely obsessed with something. Perhaps it's something you've never paid attention to before. Perhaps it's a reoccuring subject that continuously catches your eye (like leopard print and me = if I see leopard print I get tunnel visioned).

I was looking through my photos from California and found several photos of murals that I took. Most of them are from Venice with the exception of one from Halfmoon Bay near San Francisco. I love these murals so much that I hope to get a mural painted in my future dream home. Yes, one day. It'll happen.

-Venice Beach-

Friday, 24 August 2012

Birthday Suit


It was my birthday this past week, and I just wanted to dedicated a post to all of mywonderful friends, family, coworkers who made this day so special.  I enjoyed the surprises, freshly-baked cupcakes, an authentic doughnut platter, thoughtful presents (everything was so ME! I was so impressed) and the surprise visits.  I booked the upstairs room at one of my favorite restuarants, the Mandalay Bay Steakhouse & Lounge, which overlooks the Steveston pier. There was a moment where I stepped out to the balcony next to the room and glanced into the room through the glass windows, and I took amental photograph of all my dear ones in a room together chatting and having a good time. This is it, I thought, this is the perfect “HAPPINESS” moment.  It is just so incredibly difficult to get people together as people move onto other stages of their lives, so I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to gather all the best people under one roof J The birthday girl/boy usually gets the spotlight on their special day, but as the birthday girl, I feel like it’s also a day to show your appreciation of the people around.
As for the outfit (the o-so-important part of theday), I wanted to veer away from the classic party dress and wear somethingbeachy and bohemian-inspired? The floral pattern, the frills and the high-lowcut are all qualities in clothes that I absolutely adore. To stay away from theblack leggings and shorts which are my go-to’s for colourful long tops, Ithought the denim mini skirt would do the trick especially to contrast the high-low cut of the top. Result? LOVE in the making.
High LowFloral Top //Forever XX1//
Denim Skirt//Jacob//N
ude Peep-toeHeels //ME TOO// (You can get this brand at Feet First)

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Blank Canvas

 Hello hello!

Last week, I tried GYU-KAKU for the first time. They are a Japanese BBQ Restaurant in downtown and they have an amazing 50% Happy Hour Menu every Monday!

For a lovely meal on the patio on a nice summer day, I decided to put on a colourful summery dress. I paired it up with off-white neutrals. Instead of the safe ballet flats or lady-like strappy sandals, I wanted to jazz it up with some booties. To sum up my inspiration for this outfit is this quote: "Life is a blank canvas, so you need to throw all the paint on it you can."

Coral, grey, yellow leopard summer dress //Boutique//
White cropped blazer //
White ankle booties //Nordstrom Rack// 
***CC's Styling Tip: Go for a printed, colourful summer dress and pair it up with some interesting neutrals***

Monday, 13 August 2012

Rock the Weekend Chic

Vrroom Vroom...

How was your weekend? I can't believe how gorgeous the weather was this weekend. Having spent a week and half in California left me anticipating an uncomfortable period of sunshine-withdrawal... and instead I'm being spoiled. THANK YOU VANCOUVER!

I was blessed with all the good things this week - sunshine, my best friend coming home, anniversary with my man and the best of it all *drumroll* winning a pair of tickets to the Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour by Cirque du Soleil (courtesy of PUR Movement where I've been taking dance classes)! BEAUTY.

This weekend, I sported a Rock and Roll Chic look. With a new top I have acquired during the course of my roadtrip (Desert Ridge Outlet Mall - near Palm Springs. Best outlet ever), my favorite booties and an edgy necklace, I was ready to rock the weekend. I've had these booties forever and they are actually extremely comfy. Nine West make great leather shoes and surprisingly my feet are free from blisters after hours of strutting around the streets of Vancouver. Function AND fashion is possible I tell you!

coral blouse //bebe//
 black tank top //banana republic//
denim leggings //sirens//
necklace //gift//
black ankle booties //nine west//

**CC's Styling Tips:**

1) Make an outfit unique by adding 1-2 elements of surprise. Go for some edgy statement jewelry OR an unconventional piece of clothing. 

2) Don't be too concerned about being matchy-matchy. For example, instead of black leggings to match the black shoes, I went with denim leggings with a black stripe on the side. Unconventional.....but trust me it works.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Princess for a day

Wouldn't it be fun to be a princess for a day? (Oh yes Kate...only her.)

On day 6, we stopped by Pismo Beach and Morro Bay, eventually making our way to the main attraction, Hearst Castle in San Simeon. The castle rests upon a tall peak in the mountains, overlooking the oceans. Up top, you have a 360 degrees view of nature, as well as the opportunity to indulge in historical European and Roman architecture and artifacts. At times, I was sure I was in Europe somewhere....but the ketchup and mustard on the fancy dining table and the billiard in the gamesroom brought me back to California! If you are ever in this area, this is definitely a must-see. In a popular article who published an obituary for William Hearst, it said something along the lines of: "Most rich people have money but no fun. William Hearst was one of the few exceptions."

I am finally home in Vancouver and am now slowly going through my photos from this trip. I can't wait to finish sharing the remains of my adventure with you!

Outfit 6
White blouse //boutique in LA//
Yellow belt //h&m//
Hi-low skirt //brandy&melville//
*Restyling tips:
1. Wear a flowy skirt as a dress or top
2. Tie a knot with the end of your belt for a unique look
3. Wear a blouse as a vest/jacket
(yes it's that simple!)

Pismo Beach

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Hello Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is a beautiful town filled with Spanish architectural influences. We began our exploration of the town with it's courthouse, inspired by the historic Spanish structures. It's a must-see and is open to the public for free. The tower at the top allows you to view the entire town, even part of the coastline.

Following the tour at the courthouse at the heart of the town, we walked along State Street towards the farmer's market. The fruits all looked so fresh and delicious. Not only were there the usual varieties like tomatoes and strawberries there were also lots of exotic ones like the dragon tea pea and etc. The surrounding brand name stores (like Coach and Macys) on the sides of the street all have vintage inspired signage, setting them apart from their usual commercial counterparts.

After leaving the area, we drove by Solvang, a Danish town. It was almost sunset so most stores were closed, so we just took our time admiring the architecture.

The weather was extremely hot inland in comparison to the coast, so it was a huge sunscreen feat for the both of us. So y'all better slap on those sunscreens ladies! The heat wave is on!

Love from Cali,

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Light up your life

We all need a little something something to light up our lives.

My version of a pick-me-up usually involves treating myself to some froyo, scoring some great deals or wearing a bright color...on a normal day. During this vacation, it's not only shopping at the female version of a candy shop but also watching the beautiful fireworks at Disneyland!!!

This outfit here is a contrast of a neon coral quarter sleeves and my purple shorts - keeping it simple yet fun. In the summer, you just can't go wrong with a fresh pop of color.

What's your favorite pop of color this summer?

1 - desert ridge premium outlet; this is the biggest and most amazing outlet. It's even got prada and jimmy choo
3 - cute t-short from Kate Spades; you tell them sister!!
- wall of legos
5 - I found Dory!
6 - woody
4 & 7 - fireworks at Disneyland
8 - Disney downtown
9 - wall of Legos aka HEAVEN

Where my beaches at

Two years ago, I fell in love with the beaches in LA. Not only for the blue skies morphing into the blue waves, but also for the great weather and mesmerizing atmosphere.

California is starting to creep up on the list of my favorite places in the world. As I prepared for a day of strolling on the beach, I gave my best shot at the Cali girl style - flowy top, hi-low skirt, sunglasses... topped off with a hat. The only thing I was missing was a nice, even tan :( oh well, that'll come eventually!

We visited two beaches during our day trip in LA - Venice Beach followed by Santa Monica. Ive been to Santa Monica several times but have never gotten sick of the ferris wheel or the pier. As for Venice Beach, it's my first time here and I was completely enchanted by the love of artistic expression and freedom at every street corner - colorful surprises one after the other. I took countless photos and the ones below are merely a few highlights.


1 - Venice beach
2 - very cute hand-made jewelry boutique "KIKI"in Venice
3 - Venice skatepark
4 - Venice beach street art
5 - Optimus prime made from scrap metal
6 - sand in a bottle :)
7- cross-cross back of my yoga top
8 - Santa Monica pier
9 - favorite store brandy&melville
10 - me at Santa Monica pier

Top //brandi&melville//
Cross cross yoga top //light activewear//
Hi-lo dotted skirt //brandy&melville//
Feathered hat //charming Charlie//
Haviana flip flops